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            Aggressive Family Law Firm in Las Vegas
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            Resolving Your Family Law Matters

            Mediation Attorney in Las Vegas

            Get Help for Your Divorce or Family Law Case

            Couple during mediationVery rarely will a family law or divorce-related matter be straightforward. Even the most amicable couples can disagree, causing a legal matter to drag out for weeks, months, or even years. As a result, separating couples will be forced to spend unnecessary time, energy, and money trying to come to an agreement through litigation, and many times, the end result isn't even mutually beneficial or in the best interests of the family.

            If you are involved in a divorce or family law matter, mediation may be the welcome respite after months of deliberating or decision making. Many people in Nevada choose mediation over litigation to solve some of their most challenging legal matters. The purpose of mediation is to allow a separating couple to come to a mutual agreement that can yield a satisfactory result outside of a courtroom. At Leavitt Law Firm, our Las Vegas divorce mediation attorney has been dedicated to providing effective legal representation to clients both in and out of the courtroom since 1989.

            Divorce can be an emotional event in your life. If you and your spouse are finding it difficult to come to resolutions, you might want to reconsider your options before jumping to trial. Many couples turn to mediation to help peacefully resolve their conflicts and disputes. With most mediations ending in settlements, it can be a reliable option for you and your spouse if you are looking to come to an agreement.

            Benefits of Divorce Mediation

            Mediation can provide several benefits, including:

            • An informal alternative to courtroom litigation, saving you time, energy, and money
            • Non-judgmental and non-confrontational environment
            • A place to discuss all legal aspects without courtroom formalities
            • Maintain a sense of personal and private control over legal matters
            • Allow spouses to focus on maintaining an amicable relationship by encouraging communication
            • Easier, faster, and more private solutions
            • A completely neutral party
            • You can decide your future

              As a parent to your child, you may think that you have the direct responsibility to determine and control your own family matters. Unfortunately, when couples cannot come to an agreement, a judge may deem that court intervention is necessary. Under Nevada laws, the family court judge has wide discretion in deciding nearly every aspect of your case.

              Resolve Your Issues with Assistance from Leavitt Law Firm

              When you have a disagreement, mediation can be a great alternative resolution alternative for you and a spouse. You can make your own choices rather than leaving your matters up to the discretion of a judge. With the help of a Las Vegas divorce mediation attorney from Leavitt Law Firm, you can be informed of your rights so you can make decisions that are in your child's and your own interests.

              When it comes to your family, we believe that reaching a peaceful and agreeable solution is the best method for handling these cases. With effective mediation skills, we can help you and your spouse put family battles to rest so that you can begin to focus on what truly matters: helping your family recover, heal, and transition into this new chapter of life.

              Contact our firmand schedule a case evaluation to learn how our more than 30 years of combined experience can be of assistance to you and your family!

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              Former Client Testimonials

              • “I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

                Divorce Client – K.W.

              • “I am extremely happy with the level of service you have provided.”

                Divorce Client. T.T.

              • “I was finally treated as if my case mattered.”

                Child Custody Client - Janet

              • “I was extremely pleased with the way I was treated by both Mr. Leavitt and his office people.”

                Divorce Client – T.H.

              • “If you need someone to get things done the right way, call Leavitt Law Firm.”

                Longtime Client – H.R.

              • “Mr. Leavitt assured us every step of the way and did exactly what he said he would”

                Child Custody Client – P.J.

              • “I was very pleased with the way my child custody case was handled by this office.”

                Child Custody Client - R.R.

              • “I was treated like my case mattered.”

                Guardianship Client – F.G.

              • “It was a difficult time in my life and he helped me with custody of my girls.”

                Custody Client – D.R.

              • “It rekindled my faith in his profession.”

                Child Support Client – L.P.

              • “Greatest decision I made through this process was using Leavitt Law Firm.”


              • “He got the arrears wiped out and my drivers license reinstated.”

                Child Support Client – V.G.

              • “Mr. Leavitt helped us keep our daughter here in Las Vegas.”

                Jose, Child Custody client

              • “I was very happy with my alimony, child support, and custody arrangement.”

                Divorce Client – A.W.

              • “He performed very well in court, and commanded the respect of the judges and opposing counsel.”

                Child Custody Client

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