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            Aggressive Family Law Firm in Las Vegas
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            Legal Separation

            Legal Separation in Nevada

            Speak with a Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer

            Unlike a divorce, a legal separation does not end your marriage, allowing you to live apart but remain legally married. A court order outlines the responsibilities of each spouse during the time you and your spouse are living apart. If you are interested in pursuing a legal separation, contact our Las Vegas divorce attorney who can help you determine if it is a good alternative to your divorce.

            A legal separation lets you and your spouse stay married while pursuing separate lives. A separation agreement usually addresses issues such as division of assets, child custody, child support, visitation schedules, and spousal support. A separation agreement is a good way to protect your interests until the decision is made to file for divorce or rejoin the union.

            The Benefits of Legal Separation

            While legal separations and divorce share similarities, separation offers some advantages:

            • Couples are allowed time apart, away from conflicts, to decide if divorce is right
            • Medical and other benefits are retained as opposed to after a divorce
            • Military spouses may wish to remain legally married for 10 years for special benefits
            • Staying married for a certain amount of time provides some social security benefits
            • Separation documents can be turned into a divorce settlement agreement if desired

              A separation agreement also sets the precedence for a divorce if it follows. Since a judge will probably assume that your separation agreement was mutually beneficial, if you move towards a divorce they can carry it over to become the divorce settlement agreement. For this reason, you need to make sure you create a separation agreement you can live with long term.

              Skilled Representation for Your Separation Agreement

              Since you could be living with your separation agreement for a long time, having a Las Vegas divorce attorney from Leavitt Law Firm can greatly help you during the drafting process. A divorce lawyer中福彩官网客户端下载 can fight to ensure your interests in the separation and possible divorce are taken care of and you are not taken advantage of by your spouse in any way.

              Call our Las Vegas office today to learn how we can help if you are considering a legal separation.

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              Former Client Testimonials

              • “I am extremely happy with the level of service you have provided.”

                Divorce Client. T.T.

              • “I was treated like my case mattered.”

                Guardianship Client – F.G.

              • “I was extremely pleased with the way I was treated by both Mr. Leavitt and his office people.”

                Divorce Client – T.H.

              • “Mr. Leavitt helped us keep our daughter here in Las Vegas.”

                Jose, Child Custody client

              • “He was honest and did what he said he would do.”

                Divorce Client - Janet

              • “I was finally treated as if my case mattered.”

                Child Custody Client - Janet

              • “If you need someone to get things done the right way, call Leavitt Law Firm.”

                Longtime Client – H.R.

              • “Greatest decision I made through this process was using Leavitt Law Firm.”


              • “Mr. Leavitt assured us every step of the way and did exactly what he said he would”

                Child Custody Client – P.J.

              • “I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

                Divorce Client – K.W.

              • “I was very pleased with the way my child custody case was handled by this office.”

                Child Custody Client - R.R.

              • “He performed very well in court, and commanded the respect of the judges and opposing counsel.”

                Child Custody Client

              • “It rekindled my faith in his profession.”

                Child Support Client – L.P.

              • “I was very happy with my alimony, child support, and custody arrangement.”

                Divorce Client – A.W.

              • “He got the arrears wiped out and my drivers license reinstated.”

                Child Support Client – V.G.

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